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tv   Nightline  ABC  November 6, 2012 11:35pm-12:00am PST

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francisco cued up to cast their ballot. many though were still in line. election officials say they waited until every voted -- everyone voted before releasing election results. if you got in line before 8:00 you got to vote. >> maybe a little later, but you got it in. san francisco voters are electing six supervisors, and many lack the controversy we are used to. >> but one race in particular, district 5 supervisor, has received a lot of attention. you can see the appointed incumbent, alagi is running second to bree. but it is rank choice voting, so this one is round one of the counting. >> abc7 news carolyn tyler is at san francisco city hall with a look at the race for supervisor. >> it seems like the power of the incumbent does not pay it off. she was appointed by mayor ed leigh in january. this was the seat when ross
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mercurimi was the mayor. he then suspended him over the domestic violence conviction. he was one of the four to give his job back. it came under intense fire from the violence advocates. she was the recipient targeted with the hit pieces. she did gain support among some progressives though who liked seeing her stand up to mayored leigh who is moderate. they say it has cost her. there were eight candidates in the race. as you said, rank choice voting became quite a factor. voters could choose up to three candidates, one, two, three. and right now one-third of the first choice is nearly a third. he got fewer than one in five
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which is not good for an incumbent. breed leads with 56% of the vote. it will take several days until there are official results. these results do not include all of the vote by mail or the provisional ballots. but with the lead this far ahead, it seems to be insur mountable. it looks like london breed will be the supervisor elect. carolyn tyler, abc7 news. >> remarkable story there. thank you. >> taking a look at measure f, that would have required the city to come up with a plan to evaluate how to drain the reservoir to replace the city's water and power sources. now with all pre sinks -- precincts reporting it will fail. >> a controversial measure over minimum wage. if it passes it will raise the minimum wage from $8 to $10 an hour. and as you can see at this moment, measure d in san jose is you -- is ahead 507% -- 57%
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with 43% reporting. >> karina rusk is live for us. >> the south bay labor council is wrapping up its election headquarters. they are going home encouraged by the consistent numbers that are in place for measure d throughout the evening. those numbers jump to 57% support. they support the minimum wage and increase from $8 to $10 an hour. the chamber of commerce and many businesses in the community have been campaigning actively and aggressively against measure d. supporters worked the phone bank until the last minute saying san jose should follow in the footsteps of san francisco. san francisco increased its minimum wage to $7.24. labor groups estimate about 40,000 people that are working
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for minimum wage in this city. and people with full-time minimum wage jobs make less than $tort,000 a year. they say it is the right thing with the high cost of living. >> i work a part-time job. i am a full time student. it is hard to pay for tuition, child care, everything. just to survive in silicon valley. >> if we raise the minimum wage we will have to raise the prices and the customer will pay more. as it is nobody wants to spend money right now. it is not going to be helpful. >> supporters hear the early election results. opponents say it is a badly crafted measure. they worry there will be job losses if indeed it passes supporters deny that. they say more minimum wage people making more money puts more money into the economy and that ultimately it will be good for the city.
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voters do indeed pass measure d and it will take affect 90 days after the vote becomes official. right now measure d and it is passing with 57% of the vote and 43 opposing at this hour. reporting live in san jose, abc7 news. >> thanks, karina. staying in san jose, measure e which would allow more card rooms in the city and allow card rooms that exist to expand at this moment no on measure e has 60% of the vote to 40% of the vote with about one-third of the precincts reporting. >> back now to the race for the white house. the president's re-election celebration reached all the way to his late father's hometown in western kenya. understand h of residents danced the night away as they waited for the election results to come in. they are betting this will probably be the last party like this in their lifetime, so they are making the most of it.
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>> president barack obama says his best is yet to come. the nation re-elected him in a very close race in the popular vote. >> the electoral vote was not very close though. the president has 303 votes to mitt romney's 206. only florida is still undeclared at this point. the president controlled the swing states, and it cost the candidates to earn them. >> they spent $197 million campaigning in ohio, $192 million in florida. just more than $150 million in virginia. the president spoke less than an hour ago. he said he knows it takes more than money to win the presidency. >> he thanked his supporters and said he will return the favor over the next four years. >> whether i earned your vote or not, i have listened to you. i have learned from you, and i%u have made me a better president. and with your stories and your
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struggles i return to the white house more determined and more inspired ever about the work there is to do and the future that lies ahead. >> mitt romney graciously offered congratulations to the president and promised to work across party lines in the years ahead to help the nation. >> we want to get back to one of the congressional races that is fascinating in california we have been following closely. >> larry beil has that for us. >> thanks. this is significant here. in district 15 that covers alameda county and hayward and livermore, what we may be witnessing tonight is the end of the political career of pete stark. pete stark elected in 1973, the longest serving member of california's congressional delegation. right now with 62% of the precincts reporting, pete stark is trailing against swallwell, 31 years old, the prosecutor from dublin and a city councilman. i don't know that you can call it an upset at this point,
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because pete at 80 years old ran kind of a grumudgen debate. he didn't want a debate. there was a lot of allegations going back and forth. mr. starks suggested he was a member of the tea party. they are both democrats, actually. the reason they are running as democrats is because of california's open primary system. just to wrap your arms around it, there is a good chance these numbers holdup, 54% to 45% we are looking at the end of the pete stark's political future in california. we will keep you updated and the final numbers later tonight or tomorrow morning. extremely sig president cay in -- significant in district 15. >> no question about it. thanks very much. shifting gears, abc success day of giving to help victims of super storm sandy has been a huge success. >> people have been generous. $16.8 million has been raised for the red cross relief effort. a big dhangs to everyone in
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the bay area who donated. >> if you haven't donated text abc to 90 flien -- 9 czar -- thine 0999 to donate $10. or go on-line to red cross .org .org/abc. >> wonderful to see how people respond. they always do. let's talk about the weather forecast. a beautiful day at the polls. that was certainly no excuse to not vote. >> changing though. >> changing in a big way, carolyn and dan. good evening to you. it was great looking weather for elections. as we look at the doppler the fog has cozied up to the coast. it is going to be tracking some major changes in the days ahead. let's look at the new records for today. we had about seven new records. oakland airport 82 and redwood city and san jose tied at 8 degrees. gilroy shattering 88 with the record.
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here are some of the other highs for the day. 77 in san francisco. pretty warm in santa cruz, 80 degrees there. 82 in napa. 84 santa rosa, concord, antioch and the upper 70s. these record high temperatures, history. we are headed toward change. here are the current conditions. the fog dropping visibility to less than a quarter of a mile in half moon bay. it is dense. the fog has developed around santa rosa and fairfield. so visibility is dropping. here are your temperatures in the 50s and the 60s. the highlights look like this. we are looking at areas of dense fog for the morning drive. cooler the next few days. showers on thursday and friday. snow in the sierra. and that's not all. we'll show you a computer animation in a moment. temperatures first thing in the morning upper 40s to mid50s. watch out for the fog. it will be near the coast and parts of the bay for the morning commute. this is the cold storm coming down from the gulf of alaska
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that is already bringing our fog in. as it approaches we are seeing the wind switch around and that's where we will see the fog. what will happen is 5:00 a.m. thursday we will start to see a few sprinkles developing around ukiah. at 10:00 a.m., the cold front starts to bring in the rain to the north bay. it is not a lot. generally speaking less than a quarter of an inch. santa cruz mountains getting wet. we will see scattered showers on thursday night and then friday morning a thunderstorm possibility at 3:00 a.m. across the heart of the bay area. and we are looking at the possibility of snow mixing in on top of mount hamilton with some rain. that will be during the morning commute on friday. tomorrow it is looking fine. if you have travel plans thursday through fry darks winter -- winter weather advisory. the snow level really dropping to 3,000 feet. wind econ decisions creating blowing snow. carry your chains if you will
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brave the weather there. tomorrow afternoon, much cooler. low 60s to the low 70s. we will see the fog and low clouds and some higher clouds around for the monterey bay. 62 in monterey. the accu-weather seven-day forecast featuring major changes cold shower thursday. morning thunder possible friday with some more showers. dry for the weekend, frosty cold on sunday morning and monday morning. mike will be here 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. with complete updates on the fog and the changing weather. >> thank you very much. >> by the way, let everyone know you voted by posting one of these badges on your facebook wall. they are available at news. >> a fun thing to do. here are more election results for you. ♪ just put a little bit of yourself ♪
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social media. there were millions of tweets and facebook posts. >> abc7 news reporter jonathon bloom is in the newsroom with the trending topics tonight. hi, jonathon. >> if the election was close at the voting booth it certainly wasn't close on twitter. governor romney had a steady 1.7 million follower offers the past few days. president obama had 10 million
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followers yesterday. now he has 22 million. and look at this. once news agencies started calling the race in his favor the president sent out this tweet, a picture of him hugging the first lady with the words four more years. about 20 minutes after that this tweet from the official government account proclaiming the picture of the first couple had become president obama's most retweeted tweet ever. but not everybody is celebrating the victory. donald trump is clearly disappointed that america didn't fire the president. he tweeted, this election is a total sham and travisty. we are not a democracy. a few minutes later he said our country is in serious and unprecedented trouble like never before. twitter said the moment the tv net, woulds -- called the election hash tag spiked to 327,000 tweets per minute. there was one person not tweeting and that was governor mitt romney. his last was eight hours ago when he asked people to vote. there are still races being counted, and by the way i have
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to also mention at the moment president obama was making his victory speech, of all of the topics trending on twitter, the number one trending topic, america's happy warrior. that was president obama's nickname for joe biden. also according to twitter users, their favorite new super hero. watch the results coming in live on the abc7 news ipad app. that is available on the app store and it is free. for now we will send it back to you. >> jonathon, thanks. >> we are sending out the latest election results on twitter at abc7 news bay area with the hash tags your vote and election 2012. check that out when you can. ?ai we want to run through some of the state propositions for you right now. >> proposition 30, this would increase taxes for education. this is the one that goner brown has been pushing. right now it is ahead at 52% with just about half of the precincts reporting. >> proposition 31 deals with the state budget and establishes a two-year state budget cycle. other changes to the budgeting
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process at this moment with 46% of the pre sinks -- precincts reporting and saying no to proposition 31. >> looking at proposition 32 right now, this one would impact political contributions by payroll deductions. it is losing 54% with 47% of the precincts reporting. >> proposition 33 is directed at the auto insurance industry. it changes law to allow companies to set prices based on whether they carried insurance among other changes. 47% of the precincts are reporting. 54% of those votes counted say no to prop 33. >> and taking a look at proposition 34, this one would repeal the death penalty. right now no is winning with 54% of the vote. >> and proposition 35, we have done some significant reporting on this as well. human trafficking. it would raise the criminal penalties for human trafficking including prison sentences, up to 15 years to life and fines of a million and a half dollars.
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47% of the precincts reporting here. not a surprise when it comes to the initiative. yes has 82% support. >> and proposition 36, this one would revise the three strikes law, and this one appears to be winning handily, yes 69%. again half of the precincts reporting. >> proposition 37 has goen a lot of attention. it gelees with genetically engineered foods and would require more labeling by the food companies. yes has 45% of the vote. no has 55% of the vote. >> and proposition 38 is another tax measure that would have increased taxes -- personal income taxes with all of the money going toward education. and this one has been defeated. 73% saying no. >> let's bring in for some analysis melinda jackson from san jose state university. talk about the propositions. everybody goes to the polls to vote for the presidential election. how important are the ballot initiatives in terms of
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driving the vote? >> they are important. some people feel like since california is a blue state your presidential vote doesn't matter much. we do get to vote directly on policy here. the propositions are quite important. we will probably have more of an affect on people's dielly lives in someways -- daily lives in someways. we are seeing skepticism from the voters about trusting government. i think the fact that prop 30 is so close is showing us that voters are not sure politicians will really use that money for what they say they will. if you ask them, do you want to raise taxes on the wealthy? do you want to increase funding for education? they say yes, absolutely. but then prop 30 comes along proposing to do just that and it is a close fight. >> they are skep staw cal. >> exactly. >> the death penalty one that was leading in the polls to repeal the death penalty. now that one seems very close and actually no is ahead. what do you think the way that one has been polling?
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>> we are seeing a mixed decision on crime policy. the three strikes revision looks to be winning whereas the death penalty repeal looks like it may lose. so this is interesting. i think voters perhaps were not totally comfortable with the idea of convicted murderers not receiving the penalty which they were originally given since it would have been retroactive. >> something interesting about that proposition, lots of death row inmates are against it. you might not be surprised to hear that because it will change their access to attorneys if that law is changed. let's talk one last overview of this day before we let you go tonight. what does this election say about where we are as americans? this is a historic election in a lot of ways. the democratic party has had such strong support among hispanic and african-american and white voters and the republican party has challenges going forward. >> yes, i think this election
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says we are changing as a nation. as that generational change starts to happen, we are seeing more demographic diversity which the democrats have been more successful at appealing to. the republicans are going to have to do some soul searching after this election to think about how they can start to appeal to those new generations of voters. >> melinda jackson, thank you for your time. you will be back in the morning beginning at 6:00. >> so sleep fast. thank you very much. we will take a break. we want to share more election results with you. >> here are some of tonight's major races. >> they are on


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